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Albertsons Companies, an American grocery chain with 2,200 stores and more than 250,000 employees, needed to replenish their marketing, and engage consumers in a new way.  With big subsidiaries like Safeway, Jewel-Osco, Lucky, Shaw’s, Star Market, and Acme in the brand vertical, the creative had to promote impact in a variety of different sub-markets.

Facebook – a platform known for its exceptional analytics and ability to pinpoint and segment very specific demographics, was tasked with this marketing assignment. We collaborated to creatively execute what would become more than 70 pieces of unique content.

What we did
Design Live Action Social










With the usual time and budgetary constraints, we needed to create eye-dazzling, informative content that would be modular in nature to accommodate Albertsons Companies sub-markets.  We used the Albertsons Companies grocery bag as our protagonist, and stop-motion as our method for movement. Knowing we only had 1 second to capture consumers attention, we designed and developed a branded live-action toolkit that we could easily manipulate for each brand.  Our motion was simple, colorful, and 100% in-camera.



Our stop-motion set had a ton of pre-made props that were auditioned in and out of the frame.  We also had a variety of backdrop colors to choose from. These options were in addition to our precisely boarded out concepts that were prescriptive of color, props, and stop-motion process.

To capture our 180º camera move, we used a motion control rig that was connected to our DSLR stills camera.



We wanted to design visually engaging content that burst with vibrance. From the poster frame to the first second of movement, we looked at every detail to make sure our ad stood out in a social feed abundant with content. We focused on 3 things:

Color: We built our palette from the spectrum of Albertsons Companies logos.

Form: Our dimensional shapes were constructed from geometric patterns found in various sub-brand logos.  We purposefully designed primitive objects that we could bring character to through animation.

Movement: We wanted each of our shapes to move with simplicity, yet have personality.  The idea was that our scene was the stage, where characters moved around and pointed toward our hero product. 



Albertsons and Facebook were absolutely thrilled with the work and the markets responded with positive comments and LIKES.  Brand engagement increased and the supermarket chain saw a spike in sales!