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Ballpark wanted to create a digital brand initiative that pushed its product, 100% Angus Beef Franks, during the summer.  Together with Y&R New York, we built a branded campaign which consisted of 100 unique pieces of content that ran daily over the summer.  The content we collectively conceived featured everything from illustrations, 3D clips, animated GIFs, and cinemagraphs, to complete live-action recipe videos and "Odes".

What we did
Design Live Action Social








Today,  many brands and consumers are creating and publishing recipe videos to social platforms.  To reimagine the look and feel of this kind of content, we used a very deliberate color palette and on-set art direction to differentiate our recipes videos.  We used color as a nod to the Ballpark brand, and soft lighting to capture the feeling of summer.

The results were incredible, with popular recipes amassing more than 1.6 million unique views, countless impressions, and a plethora of positive comments. These videos not only became attributable to Ballpark, but they set a new standard for hotdog recipes on the Internet.



We shot the recipes and "Odes" over the course of two days on a studio set, with a photography set running concurrently.

With impeccable planning we were able to streamline the production/approval process to expedite content creation. The average timeframe from conception to completion of content was about 3 days. Clear channels of communication with brand and agency teams were critical to allow seamless strategizing, creation, and publishing through every step of the campaign.




To create a congruent visual vernacular, we explored a range of illustrative styles and aesthetics.  We needed to diversify the content, while preserving a level of brand consistency.