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Beautiful and anthemic, this spot celebrates the drive and determination in all of us, and the belief that nothing can hold us back. The primary visual effects challenge in “#CourageToChange” was enhancing the forest fire scenes.  We worked with director Brent Harris to make sure we had the elements needed, and to ensure that we had the practical context that helps make visual effects invisible - our ultimate goal.  The greens department built up potted trees and plants on the edge of a real forest. Low-level smoke was generated and gas burners were deployed, with portions of the practical trees set on fire.  After the plate for the wide shot was captured, Brent moved in to grab elements of individual trees before the fire grew too much.

What we did


VFX Supervision

In Flame (pun intended), we extracted the practical fire elements and “painted” the rest of the scene with them.  We cloned background trees to create a sense of depth, and layered in stock elements of smoke, sparks, and embers. The final result is a 50+ layer composite that gave Brent and the agency the exact look that they wanted.