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In film school, we were told that the most difficult things to shoot were animals or babies.  So when the opportunity to work with both came up, we couldn’t wait to get started.  Yap-Yap and Pull Up for CVS were fantastic boards that spoke directly to my two loves: Comedy and Visual Effects.  Yap-Yap called for a singing dog, and Pull Up called for a baby that zoomed around in a flying car seat.  

Our production schedule was challenging: We had to shoot both spots in 2 days, and that included 2 locations, a car on a process trailer, a series of background and element plates, a functioning CVS store, 3 babies on green screen and 2 dogs. We did several rounds of storyboards and animatics to make sure that our time on set went smoothly, and that we had the flexibility to deal with things as they came up, both on set and in post.   

We came away with two spots that turned out brilliantly.

What we did
Design Live Action VFX